Sunday, April 19, 2009

Harvesting tomatoes

I can only think that the worm castings have really helped our veggies along this year since we essentially planted them in Florida sand without much rich soil.

Ashtyn working in the garden

One of the tomato plants is more than 5 feet tall, and the others are not far behind.

The greenbeans have just about finished producing, but we planted more seeds, so it shouldn't be too long before we are enjoying them again.

Today we collected the last of the greenbeans, our first tomatoes, a jalapeno and our first white eggplant.

Ashtyn with today's harvest

And growing...

We are having so much fun in the garden with this beautiful weather!

The eggplant just kept on growing, but never turned purple. After consulting with my brother in Virginia, he informed me that there is another type of eggplant that is white. ( )

Caitlin is showing how big the eggplant got right before it got a small rot spot. We will try cooking it up next week.

There is also a purple eggplant growing on another plant. This one is still small, but it is growing fast.

Caitlin with the new eggplant

The green onions just keep on blossoming. If anyone wants seeds, let us know and we can gather some for you.